Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog today - I have been nominated by my lovely twitter friend, mass of hair, to participate in this creative blog hop that is doing the rounds at the moment!

Mass of Hair has a lovely blog where she regularly posts wonderful projects - if you want to learn a bit more about her pop over *HERE* to see her creative blog hop post :)

So here goes my five questions:

1) Something about myself
Well I am 31 years old and have been married for 2 1/2 years to Richard.  We moved very recently into our new home together which is near Darlington - aka up north!  We both work full time and have two cats which are like my babies :)
I went to university in Huddersfield and now work for a large pharmaceutical company in a laboratory that performs testing on tablets.  This year I will have been working there for 10 years!
Richard is pretty active and loves playing lots of sports - so when he's off doing that I spend my time creating!  I started crafting about four years ago when I met a lovely lady called Margaret at a local fair.  She was handing out leaflets about a crop group she ran - I went along and that was that, I loved it!  The scrapbooking rapidly moved into card making and that is what my main craftiness revolves around.  People love to receive handmade cards and so I think it is such a great hobby and a way to show someone you really care.  Most of my makes involve stamping, inks, paints and any other general mess that can be made!

2)What are you working on at the moment?
Recently I decided to take up art journaling as it is something I see a lot of other people do and they make it look so easy!!  Well after a few attempts it really isn't as easy at it first appears....but currently I am working on a journal page to join in Darcy's journal challenge on the Paperartsy blog.

3)Why do you create what you do?
The main reason I create is simply because I enjoy it!  I just love taking myself of to my room (yes - I have a room now since we moved house!) and just sitting peacefully and creating anything.....most of the time it doesn't matter what I'm making I just enjoy the process.

4)How does your creative process work?
Lol! I definatley do not have a creative process at all!! I sit at my desk and look at what I have around me or in my cupboard and then will just make something!  Really no forward planning involved! Sometimes I will see some challenges out there in blogland that I want to join in with so that helps me decide what I'm doing too.

5)How do you stay focused/motivated?
I'm not really very patient when I'm creating - I want to see the finished project all done and completed the same day.  So to stay focused I usually don't do long drawn out projects that go on for days.....everything I make is done in a few hours at the most.

I would like to nominate my lovely Splodgeaway design teamie Kay Foreman to carry on the creative blog hop baton!

Kay is a wonderful lady and we have met in person several times at various classes around our area so please do pop over and visit her  *HERE*

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I hope I haven't bored you too much!!!

Claire xx


  1. Something we all have in common is the hope of not boring anyone when we write about our crafty journeys.

    Great post, your job sounds technical and worthwhile so can see why you need the creative arty outlet.

    Love you have your own room, must be fun, do you still work in a small space though lol.

    Like how you like to finish projects quickly and am pleased you are trying ArT journalling. I am getting to enjoy this more and more just need to get the drawing gene 8njected now so i can add whimsical characters.

    Great post and good to know 'you' a little more:-) xxx

  2. What a lovely post Claire, it is lovely to learn more about you and your crafty journey. I am so pleased that there is someone else out there who does not plan their creations too much! Anne xx

  3. Fascinating read Claire! I don't plan my projects much either.

  4. Lovely to find out more about you, Claire! Didnt realize you were in Darlington. My in laws are in Stockton,

    Lucy x