Sunday, 21 September 2014

Amazing Finnabair Workshop

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for visiting my blog today. I have a very special project to share today.....last weekend I attended Finnabair's Harsh and Soft workshop and it was amazing! Finn is so talented and she is also very friendly and funny too.
The workshop was ran and organised by the wonderful Sue Tucker and was held on Wynyard Business Park.
So here is my workshop make:
We were told to bring a photo of ourselves - not something I would usually chose to put on my projects!! This is me at my wedding reception in 2012.
Here are a couple of close ups:

I want to mount it onto something a bit sturdier and hang it on the wall in my craft room I think.
Overall it was a lovely day and I hope to do another Finn class next year :-)
Thanks for looking today,
Claire xx


  1. I'd love to do a Finn class, (although would have problems finding a good photo of myself!) - this is beautiful and deserves to be displayed.

  2. I've been lucky to do a full weekend with Finn last year followed by another day later in the year at another venue. It's quite an amazing experience isn't it and you do learn a lot ........the problem is I can never remember half of it after a week or two, lol!

    Your layout is beautiful and a similar project was the first I did with Finn too. Mine is still kept safely in a box but I keep meaning to get something to mount it so I can have it on display. I don't know if you have a Wilkinsons store near you but my friend who did the workshop with me found a fab 12 x 12 shadow frame in one of their stores which was perfect. I keep forgetting to look, lol, but it's just a suggestion for you.

    Lesley Xx

  3. This is so beautiful, Claire!

    Lucy x

  4. Hello pretty lady, you look amazing here and the colours you have chosen are beautiful.

    Finn's classes are too far away for me to attend so don't see me learning any of her techniques any time soon. So glad you managed to attend and thank you for sharing
    :-) xxx

  5. Love your beautiful piece Claire and the photo of you is gorgeous. Finn really is a fabulous teacher, I would love to do another of her classes some time, I did the class where she does a journal and it is amazing how much can be packed into one day. Anne xx

  6. What a lovely LO you have done. Gorgeous peach colours. Yes she is amazing in what she does and in her method of teaching. I can't wait to attend another of her workshops.
    There was never a doubt that you would enjoy yours.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  7. WOW Claire, looks fabulous and that photo fit's into the scene perfectly. Glad that you had such a good time

    Sam xxx