Thursday, 4 September 2014

29 Faces for September


So I have been introduced to a new blog via Clare Lloyd called 29 Faces - basically throughout the month of September you have to aim to draw 29 faces.

I'm a bit behind already as it's the 4th Sept today but better late than never!

I really admire people who can draw faces and I believe practice can improve technique so I think this challenge is the ideal opportunity to improve my drawing skills.

So here is face number one (hopefully there will be plenty more to follow - not sure I'll manage another 28 tho!):

So here she is in my brand new sketchbook. I've drawn her in pencil and used water soluble crayons to colour her in.

Thanks for calling in,

Claire x

29 faces



  1. She is super! You are right practise does help and I love this challenge as good chance to experiment. X

  2. Practice is always the way to get better at anything, hope you feel that when the challenge is over. I admire anyone who can draw, am looking forward to seeing more :-) xxx

  3. I think she is great and you are right about practice. I'm still practicing and probably always will. Nice work.:)

  4. She's sweet! Keep on drawing! :)

  5. Yes you can manage! :oD
    Perfect start!