Sunday, 17 January 2016

Circle Journal

Hi Everyone,

Our little Paperartsy themed circle journal group that was formed last year is almost drawing to a close.....only one more journal to go until we all receive our own journals back to see what everyone else has created! Really looking forward to that part!!

So I think I've got a little lost sharing the pages I've created in others journals on my blog so I'm going to try to catch them up in this post now.

So looking back I have definitely got very behind on sharing these pages lol!

Ok so here it goes - the third journal I received was Catherine's and here is the spread I did:

Next in the circle was Julie's journal:

Then back in December I did a page in Chris's journal - the instigator of the whole group!

And finally for this post, my most recent pages were created in Linda's junk/recycled journal:

I did warn you I'd gotten a bit behind!

Only one more journal to create in and then our circle is complete :-)

Thanks for looking,

Claire xx


1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful idea - and fantastic pages in each journal. How exciting it will be to get your own journal back and see all the amazing work from everybody.
    Alison x