Sunday, 22 March 2015

When it all goes a bit wrong....

Hi everyone,

The lovely Darcy is hosting a calendar challenge over on her blog HERE

This month the challenge was:

1.Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2.Technique - use a candle or wax crayon as a resist
3.Add a title, using letters or words cut from a magazine/leaflet in a random style.
So for me this months page went very, very wrong lol! But as I only have the one calendar there wasn't much I could do about it so here it is finished anyway:

And this is how it started out:

So I started by rubbing a candle through a stencil all over the background which was a square type pattern, then I painted around the Buddha head using Fresco paints in Wisteria and Lavender.

Once dry I tried to rub away the wax and this is where is all went wrong....the wax wouldn't come off! So I rubbed some more and then the paint started coming can kinda see some vague square shapes in the sky - if you look really closely ha ha!

Anyway I decided to just continue regardless.....

I added some lines with a card using Slate fresco as I thought it closely matched the colour of the Buddha. Then attempted to add some shading around the head with a charcoal pencil.....this then stared making the paint scratch off so I stopped that and just squiggled around it with a fude ball pen instead.

I didn't have a quote in mind when I started out but as it all went a bit wrong I decided this phrase was very appropriate!

I cut all the letters out and arranged them on the page:

When nothing goes right.....go left.

Seemed to fit well with how I was feeling ;-)

A few squiggles around each letter and I decided to leave it there before anything else went wrong!

Roll on April so I can turn this page over and start afresh!!

Claire xx




  1. Well I think you did brilliantly Claire! I wouldn't have known where to start and somehow it all fits together so well done for not giving up on it.

    Lesley Xx

  2. I think you did well to carry on, not sure I would have... I like your squares and the quote is just perfect! Hope you have more luck with April.

  3. We both struggled with the wax part of this months challenge and we both carried on lol.

    Fantastic page Claire really like what you have achieved, your ransom style words look excellent, a great achievement :-) xxx

  4. lol and it still turned out great. I love that quote, so fitting. Even I struggled with the wax resist. But this is a learning curve for us all, playing and learning, seeing what we like and don't like. I must get one of those fude ball pens to try out.

  5. Well if you hadn't of said I'd not of known you'd gone wrong, I love it, it looks great, right or wrong, who cares, as long as you had fun and didn't get too frustrated with it xxx

  6. I love the colour of the new Fresco background, and I think the squares where it's rubbed away look really cool!! Great words too!
    Alison xx

  7. it came out great & that's a quote I still have on my list to use one day- when the time is right or left as the case may be

  8. Another one whose page went wrong, but love how it turned out regardless. Love the quote too... Perfect for the occasion!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Catherine x