Friday, 6 September 2013

SplodgeAway Create and Craft Samples

Hi everyone

Well it's been a busy few weeks over the summer with weddings and a fantastic trip to Rome!  So I've been a very bad blogger but now that everything is getting back into a routine hopefully I will keep my blog up to date too!!

So while I was away in Rome Tom and Hazel have been on Create and Craft with another show.

I made a few samples for the show before I went and took very, very quick photos of them before I popped them in the post - but even though the pictures aren't great I thought I would share them on here anyway.

So some great masks on the new release again!  If you want to find out more about the masks click HERE to visit the SplodgeAway website.  Or if you fancy seeing what the other ladies on the design team came up with for the show click HERE to visit the SplodgeAway blog :)

Thanks for dropping by today, Claire xx

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